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Tips for a guilt-free holiday season

Holiday Spending Survival Guide

Are you crazy for the holidays, spending thousands of dollars on holiday gifts, lights, entertaining, food and decorations each year? If so, you’re not alone. Many Americans feel the sting of holiday spending well into the new year. If you love to celebrate the holidays but don’t love the financial pinch you experience afterward, there are several great tricks for giving and celebrating, without breaking the bank. Read more »


How health coaching can help diabetes patients

With diabetes on the rise, how well employees manage the chronic disease should be a concern for employers, Diana Sherifali, an associate professor at McMaster University’s school of nursing, told Benefits Canada‘s 2018 Healthy Outcomes conference in May.

Since diabetes often comes with other chronic conditions like cardiovascular disease, hypertension and high cholesterol, mitigating it is all the more necessary, she said. In addition, the stress of dealing with the condition can become extreme to the point of being a precursor to moderate depression, she added. Read more »


Aging well

Shared  from Sheppell fgi

I was born in 1949, and this year I’m hitting a significant milestone.  There is no real magic at 65 and yet, in our culture, it is a formal marker for the beginning of “old age”.  The other day when my 90-year-old father expressed frustration at his inability to remember a fact that in years gone by would have rolled off of his tongue, I said with a smile, “It’s okay Dad – you’re just getting older”. I am happy to say that my Dad is healthy and his body and brain function as well as that of a much younger person. I’ve learned a lot from my dad.

Lessons from my dad on aging well:

  • Cultivate wisdom and get skilled at emotional self-regulation.
  • Ignore chronological age and do things not often expected from 90-year olds:  drive your car safely, travel, enjoy healthy relationships, garden, read and remember intellectually stimulating books, solve problems, hike in the forest, et cetera!
  • Learn something new: not too long ago, my dad learned to cook and re-learned how to throw a baseball.

What does it take to be able to live such a full life as we age? Both my father and the experts recommend cultivating a healthy brain. A healthy brain supports an alert mind, memory recall, good decision-makings, and emotional regulation. Essentially, this adds up to what one might call “wise”. Read more »

Your Health

What about Your health

We often hear about the need to provide for our families, and protect their financial security through the use of various insurance products.  We’re always preparing for what happens when we die, or become ill.  It’s important to plan for the inevitable, or the unfortunate, but let’s take a step back for a moment. Read more »